our solutions can be used for water treatment in different ways. here is an overview of what we can do

tourist industry

Hotels have a comparably high water consumption per day and guest. In areas with water scarcity this is a enourmous challenge especially in the dry season. We have a sustainable solution for saving water and costs, which improves also aesthetics!

swimming ponds & swimming pools

In swimming ponds and natural swimming pools an oversupply of nutrients can cause problems like algal growth. Our solution based on natural prozesses removes nutrients from the water. For conventional swimming pools we offer the UVOX-technology, which offers chlorine-free and pleasant swimming experience.

buildings, offices etc.

plants can have multiple benefits in buildings. Having a living ecosystem integrated in living and working spaces can save water, improve air quality and indoor climate and not to forget, it just looks nice!

supplementary solutions

together with our partners in germany we offer different solutions concerning water quality in pools and indoor climate.

UVOX for chlorine-free swimming pools

indoor Prima Klima®