We solve economic problems with ecological solutions.

blue carex was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of alchemia-nova GmbH. alchemia-nova is a non-university research institute in Vienna. It focuses on innovative strategies and products for a sustainable economy. blue carex pursues this goal of ecological sustainability with vertECO.

We didn´t just put plants into vertECO, but our heart as well.

vertECO is a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment. The idea behind this product was to treat our limited resources with consideration. The plant-based water filter is the result of this concept as well as longtime research and development.
No system has as little maintenance requirements as vertECO: Greywater is treated without the need of pressing a button or watering – no green thumb needed! Moreover, our constructed wetland is highly decorative and breathes some fresh air into every building. Get to know the advantages our customers appreciate so much! This way, we´re able to save the world drop by drop.


Heinz Gattringer

general manager, DI (FH)

patent owner of the vertECO-technology. Longtime experience in research and development with alchemia-nova GmbH. International working experience in Europe and South-America.

Julia Edlinger

research assistant, MSc

study of human- and social ecology and biology. Research experience at alchemia-nova GmbH. Innovation-projects and project management.

Andrea Zraunig

Botanist, MSc

part owner of the vertECO-patent. Expertise in ecological and physiological relations and plant communities for special technological applications. Analytiks and data collection.

Miquel Estelrich

Environmental Scientist

specialized in wastewater treatment and management. Working experience in scientific research groups at LEQUIA and ICRA in Girona, Catalonia

Christina Reis

Technical Optimization & Management Assistance

Every Team needs a Christina. She´s truly an allrounder and nothing short of a miracle in organization. Christina coordinates technical processes, communication and helps to maintain structure in the office.