vertECO is a technology of constructed wetland and is adaptable to your needs

We save the world one drop at a time. Our vertECO technology treats greywater through a vertically constructed plant-based wetland. The underlying principle is the employment of certain plant species in a special sequence in combination with microbiological activity for cleansing polluted water, therefore enabling the reuse of treated water.

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The constructed wetland vertECO

  • decreases your water consumption
  • lowers the costs of air conditioning
    has low running costs
  • has a high aesthetic value
  • shows your efforts for a healthy environment

Benefits of vertECO

vertECO is a cost saving and reliable solution for treating non-faecal wastewaters. Our constructed wetland offers very high pollution removal rates while consuming very little energy. Buildings with high water consumption and green areas (like hotels) benefit the most from this technology.
Noticeable microclimatic improvements can save energy on indoor climate conditioning. Our goal is to make a contribution for a future worth living in. While working on that, we´re greening your place up!

Greywater ...

is water effluent from showers and handwashing basins but can also include kitchen effluents (a grease separator is needed then). The treated water can be reused for different applications. For example toilet flushing, watering plants or the washing machine.

Installation and costs

The installation needs dual pipe connections for separate greywater and blackwater streams. Greywater in hotels counts for 50-80% of the total wastewater. Low yearly maintenance and running costs of our constructed wetland create a payback period of around 7-9 years depending on water prices. vertECO is a low-cost technology with high aesthetic value.