Hotel Samba

The project “demEAUmed” demonstrated and promoted innovative technologies for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Euro-Mediterranean tourist facilities. Hotel Samba placed in Catalonia, Spain, is considered the DEMO site, where a representative part of all inlet and outlet water flows was characterised, treated with proper innovative technologies, and reused to reduce overall tap water consumption and also the carbon footprint of water management through an integrated approach at demonstration level.

Alchemia-nova contributed with a greywater purification system through an indoor plant-based constructed wetland: vertECO. For the plant-based wetland a vertical cascading set-up was employed combined with a sub-surface horizontal flow. DemEAUmed will face two key challenges: the importance of tourism economy and the characteristics of water scarcity of the area.
The project ended in June 2017. The Hotel manager was very satisfied with our results and wanted to keep his vertECO. 

With this system Hotel Samba can save 1500 l Water per day.
This amount of water equals the greywaterproduction of six austrian households!

Different species of marshplants, graminoids, subtropical and tropical plants are growing in this vertECO.